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 Shaping the Future with Emotional Intelligence and Ethical Leadership


A Beacon of Transformational Leadership

At the heart of AMM is our founder, Stervey Lim, a renowned thought leader in emotional intelligence, Agile methodologies, and sustainability leadership. His extensive experience and profound dedication to fostering self-awareness and agile self-leadership form the cornerstone of our vision and mission.

Empowering Change Through Expertise and Innovation

Stervey's academic prowess, highlighted by his Master's degree in Marketing Management from Macquarie University, and his professional certifications in Sustainability (ESG), Agile Leadership, and EQ Facilitation, underpin our strategic approach. His track record of transforming organizations and individuals with an impressive success rate exemplifies our commitment to excellence.


Nurturing Resilience and Ethical Leadership

Aligned with Stervey's vision, our mission is to empower and equip individuals and leaders with emotional intelligence, preparing them to thrive amidst the dynamic challenges of today's economy. Our organizational values of Gratitude, Respect, Openness, Wisdom, Trust, and Humility reflect Stervey's leadership ethos and our collective pursuit of a better future.

Join Our Community of Change Makers

Inspired by Stervey Lim's leadership and expertise, AMM invites you to be part of this transformative journey. Whether you seek personal growth or aim to elevate your organization, we provide the guidance, tools, and support to help you succeed in a complex world.



"Inspiring Lasting Positivity and Truth to Enrich and Elevate Humanity


Group of Activists


"Our vision is to forge a world where emotional intelligence and ethical leadership are at the forefront, guiding humanity with consciousness, truth, and authenticity. We are committed to transforming society by empowering individuals with self-awareness and empathy, equipping them to navigate and flourish in ever-evolving economic landscapes, and fostering a resilient global community united by EQ."


"We are committed to cultivating leaders and individuals enriched by emotional intelligence, guiding them towards ethical and conscious decision-making. Our focus lies in fostering self-awareness and empathy, essential for thriving in the ever-changing economic world, thereby contributing to a resilient and authentically led global community."



These values are not just principles we uphold, but the foundation upon which we build every aspect of our work, interactions, and GROWTH. They are:

  • Gratitude: We deeply appreciate the good in life, consistently expressing our thankfulness to others. This aligns with our vision of elevating humanity by recognizing and valuing the positive aspects in ourselves, others, and the world around us.

  • Respect: Our commitment to treating everyone with courtesy and consideration echoes our mission of fostering empathy and understanding, essential in nurturing a world led by emotional intelligence.

  • Openness: Being open to new ideas and perspectives is vital in our journey towards transformative leadership and societal change. It enables us to embrace diverse viewpoints, fostering innovation and adaptability.

  • Wisdom: We apply knowledge and experience to make sound decisions, resonating with our aim to guide humanity through consciousness, truth, and authenticity. Wisdom is the cornerstone in nurturing ethical leadership and insightful decision-making.

  • Trust: Honesty and reliability are at the heart of our relationships. Trust builds the strong, authentic connections that our mission envisages, crucial in a world constantly adapting to new challenges.

  • Humility: Recognizing our limitations and being open to learning from others are fundamental in our pursuit of continuous growth and transformation. Humility allows us to remain grounded and receptive, key in a community united by EQ.

These values are the guiding lights in our journey towards realizing our vision and fulfilling our mission, ensuring that every step we take is imbued with the essence of emotional intelligence and ethical leadership."

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