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Creating ESG Sustainability Mindset and Awareness in Corporate Environment




1 day

About the Course

This one day program will instill a positive and create awareness in ESG sustainability mindset in employees. We will share with them on how they could adapt sustainability using the current updated practices to ensure that the organization gets a better ESG rating to remain sustainable.

The course aims to encourage staff to take proactive initiatives to help companies build cultures of responsible and ethical operations. The enriched culture will open new channels that could otherwise have remained closed. 

By continuously training to educate all workforce to understand the importance of sustainability, staff will appreciate the benefits and suggest new and cost-effective ways of operating more responsibly and ethically.

Your Instructor

Stervey Lim

Stervey Lim

Stervey Lim is an Aspiring & Inspirational "Go-To-Guy" as he Shares and Advises organizations on how to create an Agile self-leadership by motivating creative and educating sustainable workplaces

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